News / February 26, 2016, Montreal.

Grok becomes GROKSI!

We are pleased to inform you of the recent changes to Grok.

First, Grok is now known as GROKSI! to give it an extra little Italian touch.

New Flavours

In addition, 2 new flavours were recently added to the GROKsi family!

  • Novello - a 100% cheese crisp with a milder & lighter taste and at a popular price. Lactose and gluten-free and without any animal rennet.
  • Le Rosmarino - is a Novello based flavor with the exact same qualities and a light touch (2%) of rosemary.
  • Classico (sharp) + Deciso (extra-sharp) popular flavors(100% cheese) will continue to be offered with their distinct levels of sharpness.

New packaging

  • The 60g is now offered in all 4 flavours in an attractive compact bag.
  • The new 24g packaging is ideal for healthy snacks, sport activities or to simply complement your lunch box.

Now available in the cheese section of your favorite supermarket
and also in numerous specialty stores across Canada.