Press Release / August 4, 2012

GROK Cheese Snacks at Rogers Cup in Montreal

​Match Plan

We are very pleased to announce that Gattuso Inc .has concluded a sponsorship agreement with Tennis Canada for the sale and promotion of Grok cheese snack during the Rogers Cup tennis tournament in Montreal starting August 4th to August 13th.

In virtue of this agreement Grok cheese snack will be sold and promoted at the Rendez- vous Santé, Entrematch bar and at 6 other points of sale during the course of the tournament and will also be available during many other events organized for the sponsors, guests and volunteers.

The availability of Grok cheese snack during the course of this prestigious event will greatly enhance its visibility amongst an active and targeted segment of consumers.

Enjoy the tournament!

Info: Pierre Gattuso
T: (514)-249-2222
Gattuso Inc.